Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Sonflower

In yesterday's post I mentioned my friend, Tina Downey, and how she introduced me to the A-to-Z writing Challenge.  This online community was hugely important to her.  And, clearly, Tina was loved online as much as she was in person.  I was inspired by the beautiful sunflower tribute offered last fall on her behalf, and would like to join your ranks in posting a sunflower in her memory.

It brings to mind a conversation we had in our Bible Study one day last fall when we were talking about how much Tina was like her favorite flower. Her bright golden hair fringed her face, much like golden petals.  Her vibrant personality, full of fun, brightened the lives of those about her.  And, like the heliotropic flower that keeps its face toward the sun, her gaze was always turned toward the Son, whom she loved.  His life was in her, and it was beautiful.

EASTER UPDATE:  In addition to the two A to Z tributes linked above, there is a special post here that remembers Tina.

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